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Every day 22,000 children die due to poverty, 1 billion facing homelessness, hunger and lack of medical treatment. Many of them are sacrificing their childhood and straying off the right path simply in order to survive. That’s why Mesa Del Mundo created a unique online platform to connect people from across the globe with children in need… because we believe that personal interaction is the most powerful way to open people’s eyes and hearts and that when humanity connects, we can change the world.

The Mundo Token has been created to make it possible. With your support, we can bypass impeding sponsorships and go straight to work, because each initial Token sale will be used to kick start the project. So unlike all other ICO’s, The Mundo Token is backed up by a cause – and it’s a great one!



With Mesa Del Mundo People around the world will get the opportunity to support children in 3rd world countries while witnessing the impact live via webcam. During daily live streamed feeding programs you can interact with children and caregivers to find out more about their way of life, ask questions and build a lasting connection. If you like to support an organization, you are free to do so by buying Mundo tokens through the platform using PayPal or Credit Cards payments and dedicate a certain amount to them. The caregivers will be informed immediately and can give direct feedback.

With your support, we will keep children on track by providing a daily point of contact, nutritious food, and emotional support. Once their basic needs are met, we can shift their focus to education, self-sustainability and set the path for brighter future. Furthermore, neighborhood communities will be strengthened by securing paid jobs for caregivers, as every feeding program is conducted by locals.

Each organization has been carefully selected, trained and equipped and is constantly being monitored by our team as well as you, of course, the supporter.


Watch our YouTube video with footage from actual feeding programs of MESA DEL MUNDO

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Siegfried Gretzinger

Founder & President

Melanie Dumaguing

Vice President

Sheena Urlich

Marketing Director


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